Natura Eco Energy Pvt. Ltd.
Linear Fresnel Linear Fresnel Solar Power System Linear Fresnel System

1) Business impact for building owners
- 50-60% reduction in operating costs
- Pay back of 1 to 1.5 Years
- 100% Water Efficient System
- Economic Life of 50 Years
- Maintenance Free System resulting in higher labour and purchase process productivity
- Space conservation – no additional space above ground
- Noise free system
- Carbon credits
2) Environmental impact
- Water conservation
- Water harvesting
- Significant reduction in CO2 emissions
- Hazardous waste reduction
3) Social impact
- With dearth of power resource in the country, every 1000 KWHR saved can light up 2 small villages in India.
- Water harvesting and conservation through the innovation will significantly contribute to address water shortage issues.
- With buildings accounting for over 30% of energy consumption, if most buildings utilized the innovation, 10-15% of the total power usage in urban India can be reduced and diverted to areas where there is no power available even to light homes.
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