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Solar Linear Fresnel Power System Solar Linear Fresnel Linear Fresnel
Product Overview  

Linear Fresnel reflectors use long, thin segments of mirrors to focus sunlight onto a fixed absorber located at a common focal point of the reflectors. These mirrors are capable of concentrating the sun’s energy to approximately 30 times its normal intensity. This concentrated energy is transferred through the absorber into some thermal fluid (this is typically oil capable of maintaining liquid state at very high temperatures). The fluid then goes through a heat exchanger to power a steam generator. As opposed to traditional LFR’s, the CLFR utilizes multiple absorbers within the vicinity of the mirrors.

Linear Fresnel

As the concentration factor the mirrors. As the concentration factor is smaller than in parabolic trough plants lower temperatures are normally achieved in the heat transfer fluid. That is why most of the plants which have been designed until now have chosen saturated steam as the only working fluid in both the solar field and the turbine. This concept claims to be cheaper than the parabolic trough, but it has lower optical and thermodynamic efficiency and it is not so suitable for storing energy in molten salt tanks.
Salient Features

- Uses flat mirror design to concentrate sun, enabling simpler production and installation

- Enables other industrial uses such as steam processing

- Plant size between a couple of MW to 200 MW.

- Temperature of the working fluid: 300ºC. New plants that could reach up to 500ºC are been tested.

- Heat storage capabilities are under investigation

- Prices of PPA that will make projects feasible depending on the level of solar radiation, size of the plant, capacity    factor, financial conditions, etc.

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