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Linear Fresnel Linear Fresnel Solar Power System Linear Fresnel System

1) Low cost and accessible
The main advantages of linear Fresnel are its lower investment and operational costs. Firstly, the flat mirrors are cheaper and easier to produce than parabolic curved reflectors and so are readily available from manufacturers worldwide.
2) Efficiency
The linear Fresnel collector has 70 percent efficiency in the best case. Linear Fresnel also has a higher thermal loss.
3) Mirrors
Flat solar mirrors used in the solar Fresnel technology are less expensive than the parabolic shaped solar mirror of the linear Fresnel diagram parabolic trough or the parabolic dish.
4) Absorber Tube
The absorber tube is simpler and less expensive than that of the parabolic trough system, because multiple solar mirrors reflect solar power to a single absorber tube and the absorber tube doesn't need couplings as the receiver tubes for the parabolic trough and parabolic dish systems do, because the absorber tube is fixed.
5) Hybrid System
A linear solar Fresnel solar plant can be hybridized with fossil fuel backup to be used for electrical generation when the sun isn't shining.
6) Simple Design
Flat solar Fresnel reflectors don't need to support the absorber tube, so they are structurally simpler than the parabolic trough and parabolic dish systems.
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