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Solar Parabolic Dish Solar Parabolic Dish Power System Parabolic Dish Power System
Parabolic Dish Stirling Engine Systems
- The high fluid temperature attainable by the two axis tracking solar parabolic dish leads to high conversion efficiency of solar power to electricity (for a heat engine). Conversion efficiency approaching 30% has been achieved. This is the highest conversion efficiency of the concentrating solar power technologies.

- The solar parabolic dish - stirling engine system can be used as a relatively small distributed power source, because a single unit is self-contained. By combining a lot of the units, MW levels of electricity from solar power can be produced.

- The solar parabolic dish - stirling engine system has only a very minimal water requirement. The engine is air cooled, so no cooling water is needed and the performance penalty associated with dry air condenser cooling for a steam power plant doesn't enter into the picture.

Solar Thermal Parabolic Dish

- Solar Thermal Parabolic dish is made for oil heating as well for generating steam as like CSP and CLFR technology. It can   also be erected on rooftops of existing buildings.

- Highest Temperature and Pressure Delivery can operate up to 400°C (oil) and 20 bar (steam).

- Government Subsidy: Capital subsidy or soft loans for every installation by MNRE.

- Non-Solar Hours Operations: dish can be augmented with a heat energy storage facility for operation in non‐solar   hours.

Government Incentives

There has never been a better time financially, to make use of solar thermal technologies. Currently MNRE is providing subsidy of 30% and 80% accelerated depreciation in the first year. Thus, resulting in a quick ROI.
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