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Solar PV
A photovoltaic system (informally, PV system) is an arrangement of components designed to supply usable electric power for a variety of purposes, using the Sun (or, less commonly, other light sources) as the power source.
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Solar PV Solar Photovoltaic Solar Photovoltaic (Solar PV)
Parabolic Trough
A parabolic trough is a type of solar thermal collector that is straight in one dimension and curved as a parabola in the other two, lined with a polished metal mirror.
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Parabolic Trough Parabolic Trough Collectors Concentrated Parabolic Trough
Linear Fresnel
A solar thermal collector collects heat by absorbing sunlight. A collector is a device for capturing solar radiation. Solar radiation is energy in the form of electromagnetic radiation from the infrared (long) to the ultraviolet (short).
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Linear Fresnel Solar Linear Fresnel Concentrated Solar Linear Fresnel
Parabolic Dish
Concentrating solar power technologies have been under development for some time in order to achieve higher fluid temperatures than flat plate collectors, so that higher conversion efficiency can be attained with a solar plant.
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Concentrated Parabolic Dish Parabolic Dish Concentrated Solar Parabolic Dish
Tubular Day Light
When it comes to lighting, we believe that access to daylight is a human right. Studies have shown that people exposed to natural light are more productive, achieve a better sense of well-being, and are more positive.
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Tubular Day Light Tubular Day Lights Tubular Day Light Pipes
Building Integrated Photovoltaic
We develop building integrated photovoltaic solutions which are used for the replacement of conventional construction materials from different parts of the building's exterior such as skylights, fa├žades, windows, curtain walls or roofs.
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Building Integrated Photovoltaic Solar Building Integrated Photovoltaic Building Integrated Photovoltaic - BIPV
Geothermal Cooling Systems
Commercial buildings that are centrally air-conditioned use an air-cooled or water-cooled heat exchanger to pump out heat inside the building into the atmosphere. The atmospheric temperature conditions contribute to the efficiencies of the air-conditioning systems. If the atmospheric temperatures are higher, efficiency of the air-conditioning system is lower and vice versa.
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Building Integrated Photovoltaic Solar Building Integrated Photovoltaic Building Integrated Photovoltaic - BIPV
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